Sleeping Peugeot 206cc S12 Turbo

Having done the Whole RS thing, Escort, Cosworth etc, then the Jap thing, I decided to do something completely different, it started with a purchase of a 2005 Peugeot 206cc 2.0 16v, for the GF, for the car had only covered 44,000 mile, unfortunately even at this early stage it was a little too quick for a first time driver. So I took it on as a project, currently it has:-

Full set of Koni Coilovers

Full set of drilled and grooved vented discs, Brembo 4 pot front calipers, with mintex pads.

Straight through 3″ Sportex Exhaust (De-Cat)

Bespoke Exhaust Turbo Manifold (Being built in Poland)

Bespoke Inlet manifold with BMW 3Ltr Throttle body

Megasquirt Fully Programmable Standalone ECU

LD Launch Control

LD Electronic Boost Controller.

LD EGT/Oil, Water, Fuel Sensors

T3 A/R 0.5 Turbine A/R 0.63 V-Band

15 Row Oil Cooler with Fan & Temp Sensor

12″ Intercooler with 2 x 7″ Remote Fans

Fuel Swirlpot

DA-27 Performance Fuel Pump

D1 Spec Earthing & Voltage Stabilizer

50mm Black V Band Turbo BOV DUMP Valve

75 Litre Custom made Fuel Tank

New Bosch Fuel Feed Unit

38mm External Wastegate Screamer Pipe

Twin Radiator+ shroud

Mamba Black Aquator


Megasquirted BMW E12 520 ’77

The LDPerformance wideband controller succesfully added in my BMW 520 which is converted from carburettor and distributer to Megasquirt semi sequential injection mode and coilpack wasted spark ignition a few years ago.

Now i’m able to tune even better as before when i was running a normal lambda sensor.

It still has the original engine with 200k km done in the last 40 years.

LDperformance Impreza

LDperformance powered Impreza driven by Yordan Andreev scored second in JapanShow Finale 2015.

  • LDperformance Electronic Boost controller
  • LDperformance Wideband kit
  • LDperformance Launch control
  • MS2 standalone ECU – tuned by LDperformance
  • LDperformance custom dash
  • Custom configurable DCCD controller – by LDperformance
  • TD05-20G
  • FMIC
  • 880cc Injectors
  • Walbro 255l
  • RacingLogic Coilovers