Gymkhana GRiD 2016 – Greece

Meet Yordan Andreev - Fueltopia and FormulaG driver with his red Subaru Impreza.

Driver Profile

My name is Yordan Andreev from Bulgaria. I am 20 years old and probably the youngest participant. I am 3rd year student in Coventry university. I have been participating in FBS for 2 years and Formula G championship for 1 year. Till this moment I am 2nd overall in FBS championship and 4th in Formula G championship. I will be participating in the AWD class with my Subaru Impreza.


LDperformance built Impreza

  • 2.0 STi engine
  • TD05 20G turbo
  • 50 shots Nitrous
  • LD performance Electronic Boost control
  • LD performance Launch control
  • LD performance Wideband AFR meter
  • LD performance Racing dash board
  • LD performance DCCD controller



At both seeding sessions on Saturday - 29th Yordan did amazingly well and managed to get 5th best time. 

Congratulations for getting into top 16 like this!



At the UK qualifier on July 17th at Wembley, Yordan beat the competition and qualified for Gymkhana Grid 2016 taking place on 29-30 Oct in Greece. 


Set to take place in Greece on 29-30 October Gymkhana GRiD is promising a great show featuring biggest stars and champions like Ken Block, Petter Solberg, Andreas Bakkerud, Shane Lynch, Steve Baggsy Biagioni, and Luke Woodham.

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