DCCD Controller

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LDperformance DCCD controller gives the driver full control over the Subaru Impreza middle differential. Automaticaly engage or disengage the DCCD diff dependant on handbrake, brake pedal, boost level, etc, to gain or loose traction as desired!

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Controls DCCD lock on Subaru Impreza 5 or 6 speed gearbox. Unlocked middle differential feels more like RWD while 100% lock will always keep rear and front axle engaged for a true 4x4 experience. Change between the two at the flick of a switch or let the controller take care of it.

Designed with Gymkhana driving style in mind, using boost level or throttle position as the main input to the DCCD lock map dramatically improves handling by helping the rear loose traction before a corner and quickly regain traction for maximum acceleration afterwards.

  1. Precision control of the center differential in all driving conditions
  2. Supports all Subaru Impreza 5 and 6 speed gearboxes with DCCD differential
  3. Fully programmable through serial port
  4. LED bar indicating DCCD lock
  5. Size 58x53x25mm


  1. Engine MAP vs DCCD lock
  2. Handbrake switch – sets the diff in OPEN mode
  3. Brake switch – sets the diff in LOCKED mode if MAP<-0.7Bar allowing left foot breaking and greater stability
  4. Launch switch – sets the diff in LOCKED mode while the button is activated, allowing better traction when launching
  5. Settings change switch – switch between 2 different settings

Wiring diagram

Wiring Diagram