Racing Dash2


LDperformance Racing DASH2 displays multiple engine parameters on screen. Features RPM LED shift-light and great display visible under sunlight. Adjustable positions and warning thresholds. Easy to wire and configure. LDperformance DASH collects engine data from directly connected sensors or EMU, DTAfast, Megasquirt, AEM, Emerald, Haltech, vems, etc…

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  1. Displays 7 engine parameters at a time
  2. High visibility large display
  3. Many parameters to choose from (see list)
  4. LED bar at the top shows RPM and acts as a shift-light
  5. Compatible with many standalone ECUs
  6. Works with a number of Temperature and pressure sensors
  7. 2 channels of exhaust gas temperature measurement - EGT
  8. Easy to wire up and tune
  9. Each parameter has a safety warning level
  10. Size 175x98x20mm

How to use

  1. Connect 12V (ignition ON) and ground wires to the device.
  2. Connect CAN bus wires (CANH and CANL) OR serial port cable to ECU
  3. Connect any additional sensors according to the wiring diagram (If needed)
  4. Use the Configuration Software to change positions or set warning levels
  • Size 175 x 98 x 20mm

  • CAN bus link to most ECUs

  • Data from ECU or sensors

Input options

LDperformance Racing DASH2 can connect to an ECU and pull all required data from there. Also it supports a number of sensors which can be directly connected to the DASH.

The link with the ECU is through CAN bus or the supplied serial port cable. The list of parameters the DASH can display is:






Coolant Temp

Air Temp

Injector ms

Injector Duty Cycle

Spark angle

Battery Voltage

OIL pressure

FUEL pressure

OIL temperature

speed (kph)


LDperformance DASH can display additional parameters if the suitable sensors are connected. It can also be used in standalone mode without connecting to an ECU. The list of possible parameters is:


AFR – 0-5V input compatible with most wideband controllers and LDperformance wideband

RPM – Detects RPM from tachometer (or 5v ignition coil)

Coolant / Air / OIL temp – 1/8npt temperature sensor available

OIL / Fuel pressure – 1/8npt pressure sensor available up to 10 bar (150psi)

EGT – 2 channels of Exhaust gas temperature measurement – EGT probe available separately

GPS module - shows vehicle speed in kph or mph

Battery voltage

Device temperature

External signal Duty cycle and time low


DASH pinout

Hardware & Function


The unit is capable of detecting engine RPM using the tachometer signal. This could be available at the ECU or the ignition module of the car. Alternatively, a signal wire going to an ignition coil or injector could be used.


LDperformance RACE DASH has 3 temperature inputs - Coolant, Air and OIL. They are identical. Suitable sensor is available from LDperformance.


Two inputs are available – OIL and Fuel Pressure. These use 3 wire sensor available from LDperformance. The sensor measures up to 10 bar (150psi)

Serial port

The wiring harness already has the serial port. It can be used to get data from the ECU or to configure the DASH from a laptop using USB to serial adapter.


Used to connect to DTA ECUs, MS2 / MS3, Emerald etc..


Additional GPS module is available. Shows vehicle speed in kph or mph.


On-board are also two channels of exhaust gas temperature measurement. All that is required is to connect EGT probe according to the wiring diagram. Polarity is important – it will not work if the wires are reversed.


The input is 0-5V which corresponds to 7.4 – 22.5 AFR commonly used by wideband controllers as well as the LDperformance Wideband Controller.

Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram


ECU Manuals

Detailed instructions for each ECU:

Ecumaster EMU


Megasquirt 2/3:

AEM Infinity

Emerald K3 K6

Hondata K4pro

Link G4


KMS, Carrot, MAXXECU, Link Ecu


Syvecs / Liferacing




Euro4 ECU


Motec M800 M1

If you would like your ECU to be supported please contact us.

How to use the PC software

OBD2 Connectivity

Its possible to connect the Dash2 to the OBD2 port if the vehicle is manufactured after 2008.

OBD2 Racing DASH2 display settings

The older version of the Ldperformance DASH can be found here: