Bluetooth Adapter for DTA / MS

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Bluetooth Adapter for use with Megasquirt or DTAfast ECUs. Three different versions of this module exist to support either DTAfast S series ECU, Megasquirt 2 or Megasquirt 1 ECUs. Since they use different baud rates the correct bluetooth module needs to be used.



Features and properties

  1. Up to 10m stable connection with ECU
  2. Size: 52mm X 34mm
  3. Made of PLA plastic using 3D printing
  4. Connects through bluetooth with Phone, tablet or laptop


  1. No interrupted connections  or signal loss
  2. Auto-reconnects if the above ever happens

DTAfast S series

  1. Plug the device into the 9 pin connector.
  2. Connect the separate wire to 12V (Ignition ON supply)
  3. Turn the ignition on to power DTA and Bluetooth adapter
  4. Scan for Bluetooth devices; the unit will appear as DTAfast
  5. Pair with the device using passcode 1234
  6. Set up DTAdroid

Please see for further information on setting up the DTA ECU to work with DTADroid. The required ECU settings can be found at


  1. Plug device into Megasquirt Serial port and switch ignition on
  2. Scan for Bluetooth devices; the unit will appear as MEGASQUIRT1 or MEGASQUIRT2
  3. Pair with the device using passcode 1234
  4. Android - Open msDroid or other application and set MEGASQUIRT* as the device used for communication
  5. Laptop - Check Device Manager for COM port associated with Bluetooth device and use that COM port in TunerStudio


2 - RX 3 - TX 5 - Ground


The Bluetooth adapter is powered from 5V which must be available at either pin 9 or pin 1 of the DB9 connector. If that is not the case then the unit will have no power so it will not show up when searching for BT devices. 

DTAfast and some Megasquirt boards do not supply power at the DB9 connector so the Bluetooth adapter is fitted with an additional external connection for 12V power. Any voltage from 5V to 15V is acceptable.

Additional information

Choose ECU:

DTAfast, MS2/3, MS1

3 reviews for Bluetooth Adapter for DTA / MS

  1. Jonathan Gunson

    As advertised. Pleasure doing business. Many thanks.

  2. Rob Scott (verified owner)

    Awesome Product! I have a DTA S80 to an Android tablet running DTAdroid, via the bluetooth adaptor! works so well, and very easy install!

  3. Jjdc

    Plug and play

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